Earlier this month I walked out of a 6 day Yin Yoga meditation retreat. One of the best things that I could have possibly done for myself this year.

As an avid surfer, heading into my 40's... argh! I'm aware that I need to start looking after this body so I can continue in surfing for many years yet! Also most importantly as a Sole Parent of a almost 5 year old daughter,  'my' time has been few and very far between over the last 5 years.

What was the main thing I learned and wanted to share?


It's an art, never felt like I had to do it but now I see how I need to do it and BREATHE, its the number one fundamental thing we need to do, so I'm learning how to do it really really really well. 

Even though there were a few of us rebels that would sneak off for our morning coffee, thank goodness! (love you all!) We would enter 2 hours of meditation and yoga to start the day.  We did this twice a day, morning and evening and in between learned a lot about Yin Yoga, Breath, Chinese Medicine, and ourselves. After 6 days, I had been transformed. 

Today, a few weeks after, the change its had in my life is still apparent. I'm not rushing anymore, everything in my day will still happen, and in perfect timing. I've slowed down, and with the awareness now to do this, I'm enjoying every moment that's in front of me more.

Massive thank to you Terrafirma Yoga, your inspiring in many ways and am grateful that I was present whilst you shared your knowledge.